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We created OnTrack and the OnTrack essential skills database to help our workers connect with you.

Here’s how to utilize our OnTrack essential skills database, share your job openings, and find qualified Tahltan employees.

Are you concerned about an industry wide skills shortage? The aging underground mining workforce or the shortage of Red Seal Journeymen? 

Start Here

Go to tahltancg.essentialskillsgroup.com


You will receive an email from TCG confirming your registration.

Once registered, enter your username and password to login.

As a registered employer with OnTrack, you can:

  • Create job postings.
  • View, post, edit and archive existing job postings.

Easy-to-use templates help you quickly create customized job postings, outlining the education, essential skills, work experience, training, certifications and qualifications needed.

When you post an opening, it’s immediately advertised to Tahltan members across the country via email and a variety of websites. In the OnTrack essential skills database, Tahltan job seekers can apply with a click. Applying is easy: their resumes, tickets and certification are all already loaded onto their profiles.

All of the data is secure and kept on servers in Canada.

Link to Employer User Guide:

Employer User Guide

Minimum computer requirements

Please note that the OnTrack essential skills database works on a wide range of devices including personal computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets. You can even use your mobile devices, such as smartphones, to register. However:

To access certain features, such as test taking, you need to use devices with larger screens (e.g. personal computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets).

Be sure to use devices with a strong Internet connection. Some wireless networks are not strong enough for everything to work properly.

Why use OnTrack and the OnTrack essential skills database? 

The Tahltan Central Government requires that any project in Tahltan Territory is responsible, sustainable and respectful of Tahltan values, principles, title and rights. We welcome mutually beneficial and collaborative partnerships that lead to job creation and capacity building for the Tahltan Nation. 

Tahltan OnTrack allows us to help our Nation and our industry partners at once. In the OnTrack essential skills database, you can identify Tahltan workers with the essential skills best suited to the position you seek to fill. Each opening you post will feature in both the database and here on the OnTrack website.

Access a wealth of talent

How valuable is a workforce within a day’s drive of site? How valuable is a workforce vested in your project, who will not be lured away by other operations outside their Territory? A workforce attracted to your project because it is in their Territory and they get to work with family and friends? 

Doing Business on Tahltan Territory 

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