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Jobs in the Resource Industry

The Resource Industry is the main supplier of jobs in Tahltan Territory.

The industry offers Tahltans–no matter where they live–the opportunity to build a rewarding career. The Tahltan Nation and industry working in our Territory will support your training and education with scholarships, bursaries, apprenticeships, summer and co-op jobs, as you earn a post-secondary education. The options are limitless.

Why mining?

Tahltan Territory is in the Golden Triangle, a region of enormous mineral wealth. Mining is part of our culture. For thousands of years, we prospected and mined obsidian. We turned the obsidian into essential tools and an important trading resource. Obsidian artifacts have been found thousands of kilometers away, hinting at the immense trade network and its high value.

In the late 1800’s, Tahltan supported miners during the gold rush. We are a sophisticated mining Nation, now with generations of experience in the modern industry.

Mining Info

Today, Tahltan Territory is home to approximately 41% of BC’s exploration activities, 6.3% of Canada’s, and 0.9% of the world’s. In 2019, exploration expenditures on projects in Tahltan Territory were estimated at over $135.5 million. Production values for active mines in the Territory were estimated to be over $817 million.

Two mines currently operate in Tahltan Territory.

Map of the Golden Triangle by BCRMA
Source: https://amebc.ca/bc-regional-mining-alliance/

Women of Red Chris

In Memory of Tiffany Tashoots (March 1986 to August 2020)
This Women of Red Chris video promoting OnTrack was filmed prior to the loss of Tiffany Tashoots. We are pleased that Tiffany’s family and children have given us their blessing to release this video. We dedicate this video to Tiffany. Mēduh.

Red Chris Mine

Date of operation: Feb 2015–present
Lifetime of mine: 28+ years

Nearly 500 people are employed at Red Chris, including 137 members of the Tahltan Nation.

Entry level jobs available include Environmental Technician, Equipment Operator, Accounts Payable Professional, Intermediate Accountant, Administrator/Junior Planner, and Mill Operator Trainee.

Fields and Positions Breakdown

OverallStaff PositionsProduction Positions
Labour CategoryEmployeesTahltans%EmployeesTahltans%EmployeesTahltans%
Mill Maintenance822024%16213%661827%
Mill Operations672639%30310%372362%
Mine Operations1624327%2628%1364130%
Mobile Maintenance761722%800%681725%

Tahltan Employees at Red Chris Mine as of October 2, 2019. 

The Tahltan Nation’s business arm, TNDC, employs many Tahltans at Red Chris.
Download TNDC Careers Facts Sheet: PDF LINK


Date of operation: Mid 2017-present
Lifetime of mine: 18+ years
Number of employees: 425

The operating mine is on Nisga’a Territory but the access road passes through Tahltan Territory and Tahltan Members receive preferential hiring.

Most ongoing opportunities are in the Kitchen and Housekeeping.

Pretivm Tahltan Employees February 2020

Tahltan Employees at Brucejack. There are currently 36 Tahltan working at Brucejack, 22 Tahltan work with Underground Mine contractor PROCON, and 14 Tahltan work directly for Pretivm.

EmployeesJob TitleDepartmentEmployment Type
1Journeyman Welder FabricatorMill MaintenancePermanent
1Mill Operator – FlotationMill OperationsPermanent
1Mill Operator 2 – RefineryMill OperationsPermanent
2Mill Operator 3Mill OperationsPermanent
1Heavy Equipment Operator 2Surface OperationsPermanent
1Heavy Duty MechanicSurface MaintenancePermanent
1Lead MechanicSurface MaintenancePermanent
1Mine SurveyorTechnical ServicesPermanent
1General Kitchen HelperCateringPermanent
2Surface LabourerSurface OperationsPermanent
2Geological AssistantGeologyPermanent

Many other companies work in Tahltan Territory and a number of them respect, and meaningfully engage with the Tahltan Nation. The following companies have Communications and Engagement Agreements with TCG, and actively seek Tahltan Employees.

Here are a few companies looking to hire Tahltans

For more information, please see the 2020 Industry Review 

How entry level jobs lead to a career

In the resource industry, on the job training opportunities are commonplace. This means entry level jobs often lead directly to highly skilled and highly paid positions, including opportunities to move within and across departments.

Check out this Career guide:

There’s a wealth of information and further resources online. Here are just a few:

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