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Access a wealth of talent

How valuable is a Tahltan workforce within a one-day drive of site? How valuable is a workforce vested in your project, who will not be lured away by other operations outside their Territory? How valuable is a workforce attracted to your project because it is in their Territory and they get to work with family and friends?

What if we had a tool that identified Tahltan with the essential skills necessary to perform the jobs you need to fill? Too good to be true? Tahltan OnTrack does this.

Photo credit Adam Amir/TCG.

Are you concerned about an industry wide skills shortage? The aging underground mining workforce? What about the shortage of Red Seal Journeymen?


We made it easier for you to recruit and hire Tahltans. You can recruit by using traditional or new methods. Input your employment criteria and Tahltan OnTrack provides resumes of Tahltan members who fit the opportunity. Or use the National Occupations Codes Classification System and Essential Skills Profiles to recruit Tahltans with the skills required for your jobs.

Fulfilling IBAs

This is a tool to help you achieve your IBA commitments. We designed the Tahltan OnTrack website to help employers in Tahltan Territory access an untapped resource: our skilled workforce.

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