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Essential Skills Website

Live in a remote community? Do you hunt, fish or practice other cultural activities? Naturally curious? Do you love to problem solve?

If so, you’ve developed essential skills. These skills translate well to jobs in the resource industry. Resource companies working in Tahltan Territory are looking for you. Tahltan OnTrack provides an Essential Skills assessment to match you with opportunities in Tahltan Territory.

  • On the job training

    On the job training opportunities in the resource development industry are commonplace. This means that entry level jobs can lead directly to highly skilled and highly paid positions, including opportunities to move within and across departments.
  • Who’s running this

    The Tahltan Central Government is working hard to connect Tahtans, no matter where they live, with the vast array of job opportunities in Tahltan territory! We are using traditional methods of matching job seekers with employment opportunities, but we are also using a brand-new way of matching Tahltan job seekers with opportunities using essential skills. Tahltans have always known that we have a unique skill set and problem-solving is in our blood. Tahltans who work in resource development know that it is completely transferable to the workplace. The Tahltan OnTrack website provides us with the tool to do that.

  • History of the Skills Inventory Project

    The Tahltan workforce is skilled, educated and talented. The resource development industry needs workers with a vested interest in their projects. We needed a tool to connect the two.

    Tahltan OnTrack connects Tahltan job-seekers with many ways to learn about opportunities and many ways to showcase their skills. It helps provide industry with the workforce it needs. We designed this cutting-edge tool specifically for the Tahltan workforce.


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Click here to create your own profile in the Tahltan Central Government’s Tahltan OnTrack database. Create a resume and connect with Tahltan-exclusive employment opportunities by adding your personal information, education, certifications and work experience.

Worried that you might not have the formal education necessary for the job you want? Complete the Essential Skills test and receive your essential skills level to connect with job opportunities in an entirely new way. Learn about the jobs you qualify for with your essential skills level.

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