Summer Student

óki, negha dágondíh, je aa haanach’e, kwékwé, tân’si, âumba wathtiché, dànít’ã-da, edlánete-a, boozhoo, tawnshi, aba washded, kiɁsuɁk kyukyit, tungasugit, welcome!

ATCO is proud to announce our 2024 Indigenous Summer Student Program. Across Canada, ATCO is committed to building and maintaining positive and sustainable relationships with all the communities we serve. Our Indigenous Summer Student Program is one of the many ways we do that.

The Indigenous Summer Student Program provides Indigenous students with invaluable work experience in a welcoming, culturally safe, and inclusive environment. There are many benefits to working at ATCO and here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive:

  • Be connected with an experienced ATCO Indigenous employee through the Indigenous Buddy program who is dedicated to support your success
  • Provided with opportunities to build your network with your fellow students and colleagues, and be involved with various Indigenous initiatives
  • Enhance your hands-on work experience with access to training resources to supplement your skills and support your career goals in a positive way

Deadline to apply is February 2, 2024.

Please note that you must attach your resume within the application process. Once your application has been submitted, you may be requested to provide proof of enrollment.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we acknowledge the traditional territories and homelands on which many of our ATCO operations and facilities are located. We honour and respect the diverse history, languages, ceremonies, and culture of the Indigenous Peoples who call these areas home.