Ka’asbā’e T’oh – Language Nest Manager

Reports to: Language Coordinator and Language Director

Job Duration: Part-time until September 2023 at which time this would be a fulltime position

Summary: This position is focused on building capacity to fill a full-time role within the Language Nest program in Dease Lake for September, 2023. The role will evolve over the 2022-23 year starting off with part time hours for allotted time to participate in the TCG MAP and build Tāłtān proficiencies during the first year and then the position will evolve to a full-time position in September 2023 to coincide with the opening of the language nest.

Your duties will first consist of language learning through participating in the TCG MAP, developing a strategic nest management plan that will be implemented in September 2023, developing Nest language resources, attending mandatory training offered through FPCC and other training opportunities that arise, and observing other language nest programs. As future nest manager as the role transitions to full time hours, your role will be to oversee the day-to-day operations of the nest, manage staff, communicate to parents, and perform tasks related to the nest programming as directed by the Tatl’ah Language Programming Coordinator.