Health Director

Reports to: Executive Director

Job Duration: 1 year Full-time

Summary: The Tahltan Central Government (TCG) is recruiting a Health Director to construct a  Health Department to  benefit Tahltan members. The department’s mandate is envisioned to encompass the optimization of Tahltan wellness socially and physically (“Health Department”). The aim of the Health Director for this one-year contract is to determine the feasibility of a TCG Health Department by:

  • Conducting a social and financial feasibility process, then constructing a mandate statement with the TCG Executive team.
    • The financial assessment would identify the mix of potential funding opportunities.
    • The social assessment would determine the collaboration opportunities with the Iskut Band Council (IBC), the Tahltan Band Council (TBC), and other stakeholders, as well as identify the potential mix of services that may be offered to the Tahltan people within the scope of the department’s mandate.
  • Overall, conducting activities which aim to determine the department’s financial, social, political, and operational feasibility.