2024 Indigenous Cultural Alliance Committee (ICAC) – Expression of Interest

The Indigenous Cultural Alliance Committee (ICAC) aims to be the leading voice within the operational boundaries of the Brucejack mine for the promotion of cultural respect. We aim to create a venue that provides an opportunity for the various indigenous groups at our workplace to promote our culture, values and traditions and integrate them into our workplace. 

Through these actions we further the recognition of the Indigenous Nations whose traditional lands we are guests on. 

The ICAC has an exciting opportunity available and is recruiting both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members to join our team!

Meeting once per month, committee members will work together to identify and bring to life, opportunities to enhance and build cultural awareness of Indigenous groups within Brucejack operations.

  1. Specifically, the Committee will:
  2. Advise on strategic program development relevant to the mission of the Committee;
  3. Advise on how best to increase the collaboration and the engagement between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous workforce;
  4. Advise on a better integration of Indigenous perspectives, knowledge, teachings, values, etc., throughout the Brucejack mine culture and lifestyle;
  5. Assist the Brucejack Leadership Team (BLT) in “raising the bar” in shaping the operation's strategy for incorporating Indigenous knowledge and values into
  6. Brucejack operations.
  7. Support and participate in the delivery of Indigenous cultural related activities and initiatives (i.e. National Indigenous Peoples Day, Truth and Reconciliation Day, etc…).

Additional Information:

The Committee is not a political or decision-making body. It does not intervene in the operational matters of the BLT and Brucejack operations, nor does it advise on specific decisions, orders or recommendations of the BLT, nor does it provide advice to other organizations who make quasi-judicial decisions.

The work of the Committee also does not change the policies of the Corporation nor the agreements currently in effect with the Tahltan, Gitanyow and Nisga’a Nations.

Employees and Contractors that are interested in joining the committee are encouraged to submit their Expression of Interest by submitting their application by April 2nd, 2024.

If you would like to speak to a current committee member to gain insight into the activities of the ICAC, contact any of the following:

  • Shianne Anderson – Chair
  • Skylar Maitland – Chair
  • Jenna Warren – Chair
  • Sa-Yez Wilson – Secretary
  • Peter Brown
  • Steve Good
  • Brad Sherman
  • Jolene Sampare
  • Aldea Lavallie
  • Travis Murphy
  • Sylvain Latulippe
  • Sabrina Lakhani
  • Jessica Dzurman
  • Sarah Glover
  • Mike Yakimchuk